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Lift Up Jesus!

We read that [Jesus] beginning with Moses and all the prophets…explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself. (Luke 24:27). The Old Testament points us to Christ. In 2018 we will be looking at a passage from every book in the Old Testament and exploring how it reveals Christ to us (taking a break for Lent and Advent). Our desire is to increase the reality of Christ, His glory and His grace in our community. We want to lift up Jesus, believing that as we do He will draw people to Himself (John 12:21); in new relationships (conversion) and deeper relationship (discipleship). We hope along the way to leave you with a greater appreciation and love for the Old Testament Scriptures and we’d like to challenge you to consider reading the Old Testament in 2018.

Sunday’s @ 11:00h
Colegio Balder, Las Rozas de Madrid
(near Las Matas Station)

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Sunday 08 April (Family Service)
Listen to Jesus!
(Deuteronomy 18:14-22)

Sunday 15 April
Resurrection Hope
(Joshua 5:10-12)

Sunday 22 April
God’s Power in Weakness
(Judges 13-16)

Sunday29 April (Communion)
Living out the Gospel

Sunday 06 May (Mother’s Day & Family Communion)
The Power of a Praying Mother
(I Samuel 1 &2)

Sunday 13 May
I will build my house
(II Samuel 7)

Sunday 20 May (Pentecost)

Sunday 27 May (Communion)
Overcoming Evil with Good